"Mark was incredibly helpful in the purchase of our first home, working with him from a distance he really went the extra mile and made it possible for us to find the right house and to make us feel welcome in our new community. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a friendly, knowledgeable realtor that goes the extra mile!"

-- Robert Lester --

"Mark truly goes above and beyond to provide an easy, comfortable buying experience.  We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable, caring realtor!"

-- Josh Quigley --

"Mark was more than just my realtor, at every turn he went above and beyond expectations. The market was a tough buyer’s market and it was very difficult to find a home that fit my needs. As a result of his diligence, I was the first person to view the house I bought because he remained in constant communication with the other realtors regarding their new listings.  This gave me the jump I needed to secure the house of my dreams. Marks knowledge of renovations and construction helped me evaluate the many homes we visited as well as alerted me to areas of possible concern and/or additional expenses. Marks support was indispensable, not just for his realty knowledge but also as a friend, who knew my concerns and always seemed to know how to say the right thing when I was down and frustrated. Marks easy going nature, patience, commitment, availability and hard work combined with his extensive knowledge of Kimberley was the perfect combination for me to find the house I wanted for me and my family. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Mark as your realtor. He will get the job done and you will have lots of fun during the process!"

-- Tara Ramdin --

“Mark made selling my home so smooth and easy and even got me more than the asking price!  He is very confident in what he does and is a great communicator, always keeping you in the loop with the latest updates on everything.“

-- Louise Bianchi --